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The world of PPC doesn’t start and finish with Google AdWords anymore. There are hoards of treasure troves of traffic out there ready for the picking…

These various alternate networks offer unique types of traffic and opportunities. For example, despite Bing having significantly less search volume than Google, their users typically spend more – while you’ll often pay a lot less per click. You get to be a bigger fish in smaller pond!

You can also use different channels to communicate to potential customers with fresh angles. Such as with Facebook, which is brilliant at gaining exposure for new concepts and brands via their engaging newsfeed posts. You could then use AdRoll to retarget those people with sidebar ads directly on Facebook – a network that Google Remarketing does not have access to.

All in all, it’s so valuable having diversified traffic acquisition channels. If a single network ever went down, or competition became too fierce, you’re already a step ahead of your competition!
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